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Somewhere in Amsterdam I developed a Led panel system for growing Marijuana with LED's, these webpages show you the different tests I did with just a few plants in a 60 Watt, 40 by 60 cm system. These panels are the very first available that can actually:

Grow Marijuana with only half the electrical power of HPS.

Please note that this site is for educational purposes only.
Growing Marijuana is prohibited in a lot of countries. Don't grow Marijuana unless you are sure it is legal to do so.

Finally, You can purchase the LED Grow panels I developed

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Today I'm starting a new Set-up, a renewed test of the very popular 150 Watt panel, now with 9 SkunkXL plants, just like in Set-up 17

Here is the spectrum of the 150 watt, compared to the absorption spectrum of plants. You can see the output of the 150 watt starts at about 380 nM with a tiny bit of UV and ranges all the way to 730 nM. The two big peaks at 450 and 640 nM do most of the work, where the conversion into uMols is optimal efficient.

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These pages are sponsored by the Bonsai Hero Trimming Tool