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Somewhere in Amsterdam I developed a Led panel system for growing Marijuana with LED's, these webpages show you the different tests I did with just a few plants in a 60 Watt, 40 by 60 cm system. These panels are the very first available that can actually:

Grow Marijuana with only half the electrical power of HPS.

Please note that this site is for educational purposes only.
Growing Marijuana is prohibited in a lot of countries. Don't grow Marijuana unless you are sure it is legal to do so.

Finally, You can purchase the LED Grow panels I developed

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March 30, 2014. I'm sorry to tell you I need to take out the plants tonight. In 2 days, people from the fire brigade will come for a safety inspection of the building. My whole grow box has to be removed asap. I'm truly sorry guys :-(

March 16, 2014. Everything is looking pretty good. However, I would like more big buds and less smaller ones...... Next time, I won't pinch them anymore and remove the lower twigs and leaves earlier. There are about 3 weeks to go.

March 5, 2014. Flowers are developing rapidly, and the growth has stopped, there are about 5 weeks to go.

Februari 16, 2014. First signs of flowers are showing, please note how bushy these plants are getting, growth is slowing down.

Januari 26, 2014. Switched to flowering today, 12/24. The panels will remain in 'Mothers' setting, with a relativy high amount of blue light, until the growth has stopped.

Januari 18, 2014. Plants look very healthy and are growing rapidly. The EC value is now set to 2.5, until the final week of flowering, I will keep it like that.

Januari 10, 2014. The seedlings have started to grow rapidly, please note the EC value is kept low; about 1.2.

December 30, 2013. Seedlings have just been transplanted to the eb & flow bassin, they look quite fragile. Since the Critical strain is very bushy I only planted 10 seeds.

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These pages are sponsored by the Bonsai Hero Trimming Tool