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Somewhere in Amsterdam I developed a Led panel system for growing Marijuana with LED's, these webpages show you the different tests I did with just a few plants in a 60 Watt, 40 by 60 cm system. These panels are the very first available that can actually:

Grow Marijuana with only half the electrical power of HPS.

Please note that this site is for educational purposes only.
Growing Marijuana is prohibited in a lot of countries. Don't grow Marijuana unless you are sure it is legal to do so.

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June 9, 2015. Took the 5 plants out tonight, happy with the result, really love those big massive colas :-) The Phat Freddy is a great strain, thumbs up for Kiwi Seeds who donated them for my research.
In fact I could have waited for more red hairs and milky trichromes, 5 extra days would probably have been better, but... I am leaving on a holiday this week, so there was no other option. I will let you guys know the dry weight of the buds and also the KWH-usage of the 150 Watt Ledpanel when I get back, ok?

June 6, 2015. A couple of days before harvest, I thought it would be nice to show the plants in daylight. Nice&solid buds, they smell and look great.

May 31, 2015. 1,5 weeks to go, plants look good, buds are getting really big. But there are some leaves with brown areas around the nerves, it is different from before, I think I've overdone it a bit with the BioGrow. Won't give them anymore nutrients, only water until they finish. It looks like they will be exactly on time.

May 17, 2015. 3,5 weeks to go, plants look great. But I contacted the manufacturor of BioBloom about the brown spots in some leaves, they advised me to also add BioGrow with the waterings, mainly to avoid shortages of Calcium and Magnesium and to add vitamins and minerals.

May 7, 2015. 5 weeks to go, buds are forming quickly, all over the very healthy plants. Looks like they whole plants will become massive buds in the end. Noticed some of the lower leaves turned yellow/brown with brown spots, took the dead ones off and started adding BioBloom, dosage 5 ml/Liter water. Next time result should be noticable.

April 28, 2015. After 3 weeks of flowering, buds are starting to show, the plants are really bushy and looking great. There is about 6 weeks to go.

April 17, 2015. A few days ago, I switched the panel to full flowering mode, 150 watt with more Red and DeepRed. Also, I have transplanted the plants into bigger, 10 liter, pots. I like big pots, they provide more stability for both nutrients and water. Please note, there is no need to give the plants more than just water yet.

April 9, 2015. Switched to flowering 12/24 today and raised the panel a bit. Please note the panel is still in low mode, 75 watt with lots of blue.

Please also visit this parallel Set-Up, comparing the 80 watt with the new White/Deepred panel.

March 31, 2015. After 2 weeks of vegging, they look fine, nice and bushy, the Led light is about 30 cm above the Canopy. At the end of this week I will switch to flowering, 12/24.

March 21, 2015. In this first week of vegging, they have been racing towards the led light, everything looks great.

March 14, 2015. I selected the 5 best seeds, and transplanted them to bigger pots in the 60*60 tent, the 150 watt panel is about 40 cm above the plants. Yes, only 5 plants this time, laws in the Netherlands are getting worse, I do neeed to be a bit more careful and 5 plants won't create big problems if visitors in blue uniforms arrive. But, I will make sure these 5 will fill the whole tent to the max... :-)

March, 9, 2015. Here are the first pictures of the new set-up, 7 Phat Freddy seeds sprouting in a living room under a single 3 watt led... I want to thank Kiwiseeds for donating the seeds, I really appreciate it :-) In a few days, they will be transplanted to a 60*60 box with a 150 watt panel, please come back for more.

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