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September 22, The single 56 watt panel keeps producing Tomatoes, this week another 238 gram. The plants are still growing and forming new flowers, which will turn into Tomatoes again. I want to keep producing, all year round, like perpetual Tomatoes :-)

August 31, As you can see, fresh Tomatoes keep coming, I can take new ones out every week, really nice. From the start, it must be about 2 kg now.

August 3, Today I harvested another 286 gram of nice Tomatoes, happy me. To my surprise new flowers and growth are showing, so new tomatoes will be produced as well. I am very curious how long I can keep on harvesting delicious Tomatoes, please note these plants get no daylight at all. Can't wait to start with peppers :-)

July 24, Here is the first plate of mega-tasty Led tomatoes, they are really incredibly sweet and full of flavour. This is already 1100 gram, several more are still green and ripening on the plants. As you can probably see, some of them sliced open, I waited a bit too long before I harvested them. Never mind, they still taste incredibly good :-).

July 14, As you can see, it is time to taste the first tomatoes, they look absolutely great. Please note I've got a sisterplant at home, it is just as old. I have put it on a window sill, but the Tomatoes are only half the size.

June 29, Tomatoes are still getting bigger, they are still green, so I haven't tasted them yet.

June 21, Have a look at this, plants are now full of tomatoes. The biggest ones are changing colour, I think in about a week the first few will be ready. There are also some flowers that did't form tomatoes, maybe the pollination failed on those ones.

June 6, All the plants appear to be very healthy, the first tomatoes are showing :-)

June 6, Added some support for the plants.

May 30, Followed the expert advise, repotted the plants and I am keeping the soil a bit dryer, looks like they are responding pretty well. Much more flowers and growth in length, I will shake the flowers in order to pollinate them. Thank you Sana Ne!

May 26, No tomatoes yet, but nice yellow flowers are appearing. maybe I am doing something wrong. The soil might be too wet, I'll consult an expert. Never knew growing tomatoes could be harder than weed :-).

May 6, All the plants are still doing fine, they are growing very rapidly. I switched the light to a 16/24 cycle. The first signs of tomatoes are expected soon

April 23, All the plants are doing fine, panel is in the middle (mothers) position.

April 7, all of the new seeds are doing fine, it is time to transplant them to pots, the panel is in seeds/cuttings setting.

March 25, finally another picture of the Tomato test, I'm sorry to say rootrot has taken over the plants, they all died. To much watering has probably caused it. I started again in the tiny propagator, it is true what they say: "shit happens" :-).

February 10, I think I've had some problems with a too high humidity, the leaves started to look a bit strange. I increased the amount of ventilation to solve it. Growth is still massive.

February 1, Please compare this with 6 days earlier, (the one below), what a massive growth it is. I started feeding them Tomato nutrients and set the day period to 16 hours to start flowering.

January 26, They are really booming, new growth is showing every day, panels are switched to Flowering position, 56 Watt with lots of Red light.

January 19, Here you can see how the panel is placed above the pots, it has been switched to the Mother plants position, 43 Watt, which has more Red light.

January 19, Transplanted the seedlings to small pots with soil.

January 12, Because I want to test my panels with different types of vegetables, I started to grow tomatos wtih one of them. Please note it is midwinter overhere with 15 cm of snow outside. The panel is switched to the Seedlings position (28 Watt) with lots of Blue light. After 7 days the first seedlings showed, they are doing great in a tiny propagator.

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