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Oktober 25, 2014. Here it is, 104 grams dry bud from a single 80 watt panel. I will probably lose 5-10 % extra, some stems don't snap yet when I bent them. Total power consumption, power supply included has been 79,9 KWH, 0,77 Kwh for each gram. Which is indeed quite a nice result again :-).

Oktober 18, 2014. Here they are, got up this sunday morning at 05.00 and trimmed them. Considering this is from just a single 80 Watt Led panel, the amount and also density of the Buds look really good. I will let you guys know the dry weight and total power consumption in a couple of days. Thank you.

Oktober 11, 2014. Funny, it is going very rapidly now, there are lots of red/orage hairs, on most of the ladies. The trichromes aren't ready yet, but I think I can harvest the buds next weekend. The theoratical date was the 16th. So, yes, they are prefectly on time.

Oktober 8, 2014. The first brown/orange hairs are visible, so in about 2 weeks they will probably be ready. By the looks of the plants, and the size of the buds already today, I think the final result will be excellent.

September 29, 2014. Getting bigger every day, there are no orange/red hairs yet. The theoretical harvest date is October 16, but they will probably need a bit longer. It's fine with me, I like the SkunkXL strain so far.

September 23, 2014. Everything looks perfect, the buds are getting bigger rapidly and there are still 4 weeks to go.

September 15, 2014. Everything is fine, there are 5 weeks to go.

September 6, 2014. They look really well, I really like the bushyness. There is some yellowing at the edges of some of the leaves, this was probably caused by a lack of water. Each plant has it's own pot, therefore it is a bit tricky to maintain the optimal amount of water in the soil. Upto now the plants got everything they needed from the soil, today I started adding some nutrients, Bio Bloom, to the water. There are 6 weeks to go.

August 28, 2014, Flowers are developing rapidly, the smell is already great. As you can see I had to install a carbonfilter to keep the neighbours happy. Air is constantly being sucked through the filter by a regulated fan, the airflow is low, but consistent. It creates an under-pressure in the tent, therefore no smell is leaked to the outside world. 7 weeks to go.

August 20, 2014, Massive growth, there are 8 weeks to go. I expect to see the first signs of flowers at the end of next week.

August 14, 2014, Growth has been excellent, so I switched to flowering today. There are 9 weeks to go, so the theoratical harvest date is Oktober 16.

August 9, 2014, today I've transplanted 9 of them to 6,5 liter pots, the 10th I will keep as motherplant for future Set-ups. The soil is again All-Mix, it contains all the nutrients the plants will need even for the first weeks of flowering. There are lots of other good mixtures out there for sure, (and even more poor ones :-)), but sometimes I like to stick to things that have worked for me in the past. Please note the size of the pots, lots of soil per plant, nice and stable. Since they are in individual pots, I will need to check and adjust the humidity of the soil of each individual pot as well. In about 4 days, I will switch to 12/12 for flowering. As you can probably see there is now more red light in the spectrum, this is because I've changed the light source to a normal 80 watt panel set to "mothers/vegging" - mode.

August 2, 2014. Growth has been pretty good the last fews days, so now I've transplanted them into pots with soil. I'll let them adjust for a day or 2 before lowering the panel and switch to vegging mode. Please note they will get bigger pots a week from now. As you can see there is lots of blue light in the spectrum, that is because they are under a motherplant panel. Those have extra blue leds to make the plants more bushy.

July 29, 2014. Growth has returned, but they are a bit yellow around the edges of the leaves, probably the roots are a too wet. I'll let them grow for a day or 2 and then transplant them to individual pots with soil.

July 20, 2014. Once again I am surprised by the power of seeds; Only two days later, all seeds already have 1 or 2 pairs of leaves, most of the blocks have a 2 cm long root coming out of the bottom. Since the seeds have used all their internal resources by now, I gave them some watered down Tomato food, 5ml/liter water, NPK 6-7-6.

July 18, 2014. The blocks with the seeds were placed inside the propagator, which ensures a stable humidity. A 80 watt panel, switched to the "seedling" position, is placed above it. Since there are no leaves yet, the panel could just as well be left switched off. Hovever, the first leaves are expected to show tomorrow, and a few days later the first drops of watered down plant nutrition will be given. Needless to say this is a very critical period for the seedlings, too little or too much nutrition might very well kill the tiny plants.

July 18, 2014. These blocks were soaked in water with a PH of 5.8, after that I let them drip out most of the water. A little hole was created for the fragile and light sensitive root of the seeds.

July 18, 2014. Finally a brand new Set-up, 2 Days ago, I put these seeds between rather wet tissues. My plan is to grow about 10 plants of the SkunkXL strain under a 80 watt panel, it will be done in a growtent of size 60*60*160 cm. Quite happy to tell you guys I will be growing this one on soil again. I really love the simplicity and stability of growing on high quality soil, in many ways it is preferred to hydro.

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