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December 13, 2013. Dry weight is 182 Grams, very nice. I will loose about 10% before selling it, because I will dry and clean it a bit more.

December 10, 2013. Harvested the plants at 7 december the amount seems to be ok. It is a shame a lot of the buds are a bit small, it has everything to do with the size of the plants. Since the timer got stuck in vegging mode, all plants kept growing for 2 weeks too long. I will let you guys know the dry weight in a few days. Next Set-up starts next week, it has 10 Critical plants, the seeds have already started.

November 11, 2013. With 2 weeks to go, buds are getting bigger every day, some of them really massive, I am quite happy with the Critical strain. Last week I sprayes against the spider mites.

October 27, 2013. Everything looks great, the flowers get bigger every day, there are 4 weeks to go.

October 20, 2013. Flowers are forming rapidly and growth has stopped, can't believe how bushy these plants get, it's a true sea of green. There are only 12 plants left, the other 13 have been overgrown and therefore taken out. There are 5 weeks to go.

October 5, 2013. Unfortunately there has been a timer problem, when I switched it to 12/24 it stayed at 24/24 :-( After I waited for the first signs of flowers to appear, when they didn't I found out the problem. So these plants have been vegging for almost 2 weeks extra, they are really big, now into flowering since 1 week. It's like some wise man once said: Shit happens... 8 weeks to go from here.

September 22, 2013. Switched to flowering a week ago, when they were about 18 cm tall, hoping to get 25 candles of bud. Today I switched the panels to full flowering position, all Leds active. Don't see a sign of flowers yet, but since they are from feminised seeds, there is a 2% chance of a male plant in there. Needless to say it will have to be removed with great care as soon as it shows up. please note the incredible bushiness.

September 10, 2013. They all started growing rapidly, looking nice and healthy.

September 2, 2013. The seedlings have transferred to the box, I'm keeping them at a rather low EC for now. Panels are in vegging mode.

August 27, 2013. The seedlings are now strong enough to live without the propegator.

August 18, 2013. Inside the propegator, they are growing at an amazing rate. The don't get any nutrients yet, just a drop of water, definitely not too much water. The panel is now switched to vegging mode.

August 17, 2013. Placed the seedlings to be in the hydro blocks, these were sprayed before with ph 5.8 water.

August 16, 2013. After just 1 day between these moisted pieces of cotton, all the seeds sprouted.

August 15, 2013. Just bought these feminised seeds, the strain is called 'Critical'.

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