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August 28, 2013. Weight is an exciting 180 gram, it still needs to dry a bit more, I'll probably lose about 15 gram. The panels I used in this setup are prototypes of the latest version, available since a couple of weeks.

August 13, 2013. Theoretically the plants should be finished, but I will wait a few days more for the trichromes to turn milky. They are really sticky and smelly, but to tell you guys the truth; I am a bit bored with the ever stretching Amnesia strain. If you have a suggestion, please let me know.

August 3, 2013. The reds hairs are showing now, but the trichromes are still cristal clear and buds are still getting bigger. There is 1 week to go, they might like a bit longer.

July 24, 2013. The buds are still getting bigger, there are no red hairs visible at all, so it will probably take another 2-3 weeks.

July 14, 2013. With 3 weeks to go theoretically, the plants are fine. The buds are growing bigger everyday & the smell is great.

June 29, 2013. The plants are about 50 cm high, as you can see I've just bent the tallest ones back to get a more even height. Please remember I've set the them to flowering when they were 10-12 cm high, so they still have grown 4-5 times bigger. The recommended distance form the panel to the plants is 10-25 cm, if they get any closer the upper leaves start to bend vertically around the central bud. There are 5 weeks to go.

June 21, 2013. First signs of flowers are visible. It looks like they will end up at a reasonable height this time, growth has been perfect. There is 7 weeks to go.

June 8, 2013. As you can see I put the clones with hydro rocks in small highly perforated pots. There are no rocks in between the pots yet, this enables me to adjust the position of the individual pots and check the growth of the roots coming out of the side and bottom of the pots.

June 8, 2013. Some of the fresh clones, very healthy, the roots look really great. Please note I am using Amnesia clones again, this time I immidiately put the plants to flowering, 12/24 hours. I aim to get 25 candles of solid bud.

June 8, 2013. After filling the reservoir with water and nutrients, these tempex plates help to keep the temperature and evaporation within limits.

June 8, 2013. A look inside the empty reservoir, it is located directly under the bassin. You can see the white overflow pipe, the pump with the flexible hose, the aquarium heater and the tiny air pump (blue).

June 8, 2013. Here you can see the empty bassin, the left white pipe is for overflow, the right one is connected to the pump in the reservoir. On the left you can also see a part of the ventilator

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