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November 30, last pictures of the test, the upper level with the current version produced 53 gram, the lower with the old version 64 gram. The upper level had 4 plants, the lower level 5 plants, so per plant the current version wins. But it is still to ealry to reach conclusions about the winning panel, new tests will follow.

November 23, the Quest Pilot test is almost finished, both levels are doing pretty well. Horst still reports an advantage of the XPE-version over the XBD-version, very interesting! In a week or so we will know the dry weight.

Here are new daylight pics from the old XPE versus the first XBD version of the panels, this one is from the XBD. The plants look a bit streched, which is definitely a surprise, because stretching hasn't been reported in other XBD grows before.

And here is the earlier XPE version, without White and with more Red and less Deepred, in this comparison, these look slightly better. let's wait and see what the difference in result will be. Please keep in mind this is a small scale test, it is virtually impossible to draw conclusions yet.

October 16, QuestPilot Horst sends this update of the old/new version comparison, they are in 12/24 flowering mode.

October 5, QuestPilot Horst has started a new test, this time comparing the current 80 watt panel (top) with the first version (bottom), which is the version without white leds and only 2 deepred's. The plants in the top/bottom area are the same; 8 Phat Freddys and 5 AK47/Top44 crossings.

Update 17 June; here are the results of the test:
White Panel 68 g
Standard Panel 55 g
Very interesting result, the White/Deepred did better than expected, please don't conclude the White/Deepred is better yet. It uses 15% more power, 83 watt versus 72 watt for just the panel without power supply. Further testing, in bigger grow areas, is needed.

6-6-5-2015, The plants have finished and will be harvested, with many thanks to questpilot Horst.

Same for the plants under the White/Deepred panel, they seem to have speeded up a bit in the last week. In 5-7 days we will probably know the weight.

31-5-2015, 1 week to go, daylight picture of the buds under the standard panel. They are almost ready, many orange/brown hairs are already showing.

And here is a daylight picture of the plants under the red/white panel, hardly any coloured hairs yet. They sure look fine, but next time they could use some extra vegging.

25-5-2015, QuestPilot Horst tells me that with about 2 weeks to go, the buds under the standard panel are still doing fine. it looks like they will finish on time.

The buds under the White/Deepred panel look good too, they will probably need a week longer than the standard panel, but by the looks of it, the amount of bud will be about the same.

With 3 weeks to go, the buds under the standard panel already look impressive.

The buds under the White/Deepred panel look fine too, the plants are just bit smaller. There are about 3 weeks to go

After 29 days of flowering, plants under the standard panel are doing fine, probably a bit overcrowded. There are about 5 weeks to go

Also after 29 days of flowering, the difference becomes clearer, under the white panel the plants are far less bushy. But the developing buds look very well.

After 20 days of flowering.

Also after 20 days of flowering, both panels seem to perform equally well, the number of internodes is the same. But the plants under the White/Deepred panel are 5-8 cm smaller.

After 11 days of flowering, some of the plants needed to be bent down a bit, to make the canopy more even.

April 1, 2015. Here is the second picture, most of the plants are doing very well, switched to flowering today.

This picture was taken at 22 march 2015, it is the first in a report of the great work 'Horst' is doing, he has agreed to become a TestPilot for the new White/Deepred panel. For the coming months it will be directly compaired with the regular 80 Watt HansPanel, needless to say I'm very happy with his efforts, it provides valuable information for the development of new panels.

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