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I am getting tons of questions and answering all of them is just to much work, sorry. The most relevant ones will be answered on this page, also I will place interesting ideas from you guys here. You can use the form on the bottom to send your questions and comment, thanks!

From: Martin (10-10-2014)
Subject: Better without white Leds?
Question: I really like your panels, but I wonder if they would be better with more Red and no DeepRed? Perhaps also with less Deepred.
Answer: Thank you, I have asked myself the same question. And because I don't think theoretical approaches with endless discussions about Phytochromes and Par-levels will provide a definite answer. So...there is only one way to find out. I have made some 80 watt panels with Red instead of White leds, and with 4 of the Deepred leds replaced bij Red as well. please see the picture below. Then I asked several customers that purchased 80 watt panels to do a comparative test with these new panels, to become 'QuestPilots'.
The test started at the end of december 2014, results from all 3 QuestPilots so far is the plants started showing flowers sooner and growth stopped several days sooner after switching to 12/24 light. They also finished flowering about 1 week sooner, with the leaves still looking green and healthy. Because they stopped growing sooner, the plants stayed smaller and the end result was about 20% less Bud than under the standard panels. More testing, with a longer vegging period, is needed and being carried out at this moment, April 2015.

From: Christopher (18-6-2012)
Subject: Very Happy Customer Query
Question: 2 weeks on and everyone's impressed by the quality of the products. So much so that some of us are considering even big LED. I just wanted a quick second opinion on the Magnum 357 plus . If you havent already seen it, http://www.357magled.com/357-Magnum-Plus-LED-Grow-Light_p_15.html . Seems like very powerful 3w led and lots of them! I just wanted to see if someone with more experience could see pitfalls in a product like this (such as the lenses and mountings that the unit uses?). Thats not to say the Panels artent prefect tho :) just some of my friends are less stealthy than others..
Answer: Thank you. What I don't like about the Magnum: Lots of power packed in a relatively small housing forces you to hang it high above the plants. You can't stack two rooms above each other in the same space anymore. Also there have to be many very powerful fans inside, (noise) to keep it cool, a lot of heat will be produced. 11 wavelengths is BS in my humble opinion, less (3-5) will give more yield. The Led's they are using are ok, but not the most effective ones on the market today. The plastic in front of the Led's will take away at least 15%. Overall, it will work, but don't expect much improvement compared to HPS lights. Please keep me posted about your plants?

From: Robert (8-6-2012)
Subject: Comments about growing multiple plants in one container
Question: I do not like this method if no other reason than if you get a sick plant (or several) you cannot isolate it to sick bay, Why use soil at all? I use a combination of Air Pots + lava rock + some hydroton + my DIY 21st Century Flood & Drain, the size plants you grow will easily be accommodated in small Air Pots.
Answer: Thank you. I use soil because it is simple and very stable, Hydro systems are more complicated and sensitive for failures of pomps, airlocks etc. I never had a sick plant with soil, but plenty of rootrot, funghi, electrical problems, PH instability, leakages, floods etc with hydro. For me the choice is clear, but I look forward to see the first results with hydro and my panels.

From: Quazi (20-4-2012)
Subject: Regarding Grow Area
Question: I have been following your updates to the ledgrow with much interest for the past year and a half and all I can say is I am amazed with how much youve accomplished in such a short period of time. That being said I have a question regarding the grow area which you say multiple times that it is 60cm x 40cm but you never really mention what height the plants typically grow to. Do you have a rough estimate of how tall the plants are, and how tall the total grow area is from bottom of the soil container to top of the lights? As for the final question, now that you have panels in production will you continue to test, redesign and release new versions or are you going to take a much deserved break from things for a while? Hope all is well, your friend -Q
Answer: Thanks, The plants grow to about 40 cm, the total height to the top of the panels is 80 cm. First next Set-Up I would like to do a test with just 1 panel, and 5 plants, (= sort of legal here in Holland) I can probably get an even higher gram/kwh ratio :-)

From: John SPuzzum (17-01-2011)
Subject: LED power
Question: Love your garden man.. building my own set up as well. One thing I'm confused with.. you say just over 60 watts, yet you have 102 1w led's.. 54 on the top panel, and 24 per side panel. That's obviously a little more than just 60 watts now isn't it. I know you started out as 60 watts, but maybe you should update your website to the true wattage you are using. If it's 100w, so be it.. it's still better than a 250w hps.
Cheers from Vancouver...
Answer: Thank you.
The Set-up is still just over 60 Watt: 1 XP-E Red at 350 mA is 2,1 Volt, therefore 2,1 * 0,35 = 0,735 Watt, also in flowering position the 3,2 Volt Blue Leds are at 120 mA, therefore only 0,38 Watt. Finally some of the Red's share the current with Blue ones, they are at 350-120 = 230 mA, 0,48 Watt. I hope this is clear?

From: Chris (17-01-2011)
Subject: LED power
Question: HI, I have been watching your grows from the US and I have been amazed with your results. I was just putting an order together for LED's but I see you have a new module. Did you find heat issues with setup 8 or was the change for convenience or did you add a micro controller? I like what you did with mounting the LED to a circuit board and want to do the same for my first light. Would you be kind enough to send me the manufacture's name?
Answer: Thank you.
There were no heat issues whatsoever with Set-up 8, everything stayed perfectly cool all the time. I don't see any advantages in using a micro controller? The special circuitboard for the XP-E was designed by me and manufactured by Eurocircuits.

From: Terramoto (10-01-2011)
Subject: LEDs wavelength
Question: Hi, i recently talk with a friend that told me to, use 660nm leds since its the nearest to the most absorbed wavelenght (652nm), i notice you use 620nm leds and i would like to read your thoughts on that. Regards, Terramoto.
Answer: Yes, correct, this is because the available 660 nM leds have a much lower efficiency, perhaps 2-3 times less than the XP-E. And that is far more important than maybe 5-10 % extra sensitivity in the plant. Besides that, the Farred I am using is 650 nM, (it is perhaps better to call it Deepred), plants need both Red and Farred. I do not think you can leave out the Red, it would disturb the shape of the plant quite a bit

From: Pedro (9-01-2011)
Subject: Where to buy Leds
Question: I've been following your tests and i wonder where did you buy your leds... i searched all over including ebay and i couldnt find for example far red leds, cree's 2w..... i only could find mass selling companies (500+ leds).. Thanks, Pedro
Answer: The Cree XPERDO-L1-R250-00501 and XPEBLU-L1-R250-00Y01 you can find at Farnell, http://www.farnell.com , the Farred and the White Leds I ordered in Germany at http://www.led1.de

From: Joe (1-11-2009)
Subject: More details
Question: Would it be possible for you to elaborate more on the current setup? From the first prototype you\'ve come a long way with great results and it would be nice to know things such as the leds used, configuration, the electronics, size of grow area, etc. Many thanks. J.
Answer: OK, I want to share most of my knowledge. In the last Set-up I have been using Lumileds Rebel LXML-PB01-0023 (blue) and LXML-PD01-0040 (red), LXML-PWC1-0100 (white), for the Farreds Edison EDEF-1LC3. The Leds of the Toppanels are glued with thermal conductive glue and for the side panels I am using specially designed PCB's with a very good heat transfer from the Led to the aluminium plate. The electronics are the same as in the DIY-project, nothing special, all Leds run at 350 mA, except the Farreds which are at 175 mA. The grow area has been the same for a long time; a box 40 cm * 60 cm, it is filled with AllMix. Vegging is 18/24, flowering 12/24. Now you have got all these details, please build a Led grow system yourself and share your results with the rest of the world.

From: Bruce (26-10-2009)
Subject: to increase yield
Question: Well done. to improve further I think you have to switch to all vertical arrangement- plants in white covered tubs or pots in lines, stacked one above the other, with reflective white behind and the light source on the other. Plants below in front of pots above. This would be better than from both sides I think. This method is what made the colliseum so productive, although its architecture was built around the light emitting patterns or HID bulbs. The \"wall of green\", lit by LEDs should be the new high efficiency production method. You have multidirectional light and your arrangement of lots of small lights spread out evenly is better than a few bright sources. This is why your method will be better than procyon100 or lightblaze 400. Would it be better to use lower power LEDs rather than run those hi power LEDs at 350mA? I have been following you for a couple of years now and its been fun to watch your improvements. Is the quality of the herb better than HID weed? the commercial stuff always seems half cooked. About how much do the materials for one of your panels cost? If you answer via a hushmail address our communication will be secure. Thanks loads and keep going, you are doing great. Success, Bruce
Answer: Thanks! :-) I like your idea's and I will think about it. The quality of herb specially for the last Set-up is now very, very good. The materials for the prototypes cost a lot, please buy scissors so I can keep going. For instance the new 60 watt prototype with 100 Cree XP-E Leds, it will cost me over 500 Euro, 750 U$. It is ok, prototypes are always expensive, and because I keep getting better ideas, they last exactly 1 entire Set-up :-)

From: David (16-10-2009)
Subject: Improvement of Light
Question: This is Just an Idea Ive had to Improve your Lighting Issues. First of all you keep the Plants Close togeather. so at all times some leaf\'s are not going to be getting the same light as the rest i have come up with a way to solve this i think . i call it the Led Lantern. this is a very Simple Idea that will give off more Light than just Putting a Reflector in there .it will take a little Welding and electronics but im sure you\'ll be able to do very simply. ok i got Drawings and diagrams of this but ill explain it in words if you want diagrams of it later on replay to me in an email. ok to build this you will need a Sheet of Reflective Metal Aliminium or Stainless Steel its not that big or even a Sheet of Thick Plastic but i suggest Metal even thought the Plastic would be see through the metal can reflect the other Lighting above or to the side of the plant. make a Toilet Roll Shape . the Diameter Should be 8CM the Length should be 15Cm . you will need 22 Red Led\'s and 11 Blue Led\'s you then . 7.5 Cm \" Centre\" put the blue Led\'s evenly spaced around the object \" Cutting Holes to fit\" then 3 cm in from the top and bottem you add the Red Led\'s you have Switch\'s for each red and blue depending what you want to use at any given time . you then this is the good part add a Cone Shape of Reflective Metal to the top and bottem angeled so the top lights reflect downwards as well as up and the bottem reflects up and downwards to get to them hard spots if you think it doesnt need them its just as good . you then can Hang this Object Anywhere at any level of the room to reach any Blind Spots there for increasing the overall Light Output and the Device itself will not use alot of electic. i thought of this a cople days ago for Large Grow Rooms this product is not ment for Small Growing areas although it would be affective . i would li! ke to kn ow if my Idea is any good so could you E-Mail me back thankyou for taking the time to read this and i hope your Growing can Improve from my Idea.
Answer: Interesting idea's, thank you

From: CosmiChaos (7-10-2009)
Subject: No-Delayed-Flowering
Question: It would really good to know how long you had them in ligt during veg (16/8 or 18/6 or even higher daylight-phases). It is fault to believe leds give you the posiibillity to enhance length of \"daylight\" during vegetation-period. switching from 18/6-veging to 12/12-flowering is always hard stress for the circadian clock inside of the plants. with 16/8 you have slower vegetation but lets you better shedule your flowering period length. one other thing that i want to put your attention on is the phytochrome or pytchromobilin-complex and its impact on circadian clock and growth-hormones in (hemp-)plants. 740nm radiation eliminates dark-phase-noise, well and it promotes stretching, but only until all pfr-molecules are build to pr. if that task is complete, farred does no more stretching automatically. you can have them on 24/7 and have the rest of the lights on 16/8 and 12/12. another point is the always claimed cannabinoid-complexes, that highly absorb on uv-b. some people claim you need that light, but i dont think so because it has no signal character itself but destructing. apart from evolution to sunlight, what i guess is that radiation absorbed by cryptochrome has quite more influence on cannbinoid-synthesis. cryptochrome what is buildung up hormones by mrna-synthesis can be perfectly excited with radiation around 400nm what is promoting leave-growth too. the pr and pfr parts of the phytochromobilin-complex absorb on 400nm nearly equally what makes it for the plant possible to receive cannabinoid-stimulating radiation in dark-phase. so if you combine 400nm and 740nm (both cheap from edison) 24 hours a day in vegetation (16/8 with the main-light carrieng great 660nm intense) and then switch the main-light to a 16/8 flowering-period continuing with 24h a day 400/740nm, you should succeed intermediate/no-delayed flowering with much streching in the first weeks and extreme budding in the last weeks.
Answer: Interesting idea's, thank you

From: Greg (7-9-2009)
Subject: You need to sell these
Question: These really seem to be getting the job done, really nice what you have done. If you won\'t sell the completed boards you should do a step by step for wiring one. I would be extremely greatful. You\'re getting some good results! I especially like the new system with side lighting.
Answer: Thanks! :-) I'm thinkin about a more detailed DIY page, some people email me about the wire diameter and how to connect Leds in series. Hmm, if you don't have basic electronic/technical knowledge available, your Led project will probably fail. I'll see what I can do.

From: Matte (31-7-2009)
Subject: Questions from a fool to a wise man!
Question: 1) Have you given any thought of installing an \"energy meter\"? You would then be able to measure the total cost for your grows. 2) Have you ever thouht about using seperate coolers for your LEDs, I\'m about to create my first setup and I will use heat sinks of size 3 from led1.de just to make sure that my LEDs don\'t run warm. The efficiency of light transormation is greatly reduced if you run the LEDs warm. 25 C* is the numbers given by the suppliors. 3) Do you think I will benefit if I tilt the LEDs on the edges for my setup? I\'m thinking of tilting them about 30 degrees.
Answer: Thanks! :-)
1) Yes, at some point I will start using an energy meter. 2) Please see the new set-up, I have given considerable attention to the temperature issues. But I do not like to use fans for cooling, waste of energy. 3) I have no idea what you are talking about.

From: top surgeon (6-9-2009)
Subject: LED versus HID
Question: I have seen great reputable comparision sudies of LED versus HID; like the one published in High times which showed that the yeld from LEd was slightly less using the same nutrient system but the THC content of the LED culture was significant higher. Thw question would be would you want 1 gm of 20% THC or 1.5 grams of 10%. I belive i would like quality over quanity. Also there are some trials which showed a combination of CFLs and LEDs that gave better results than each alone. I am a poposition 215 california patient and i am experimenting with the combination of a 90 watt tri spectrum LED with a 3 (300 watt 2700K; 4200 lumens)bulbs and 6 tube T5 flourescent (T5-6500K-3500lumens ea,3 T5 2700K , 3500 lumens ea) for a total of 33600 lmens covering a 4 X 4 Ft area with cooling fan to keep the temp at 75-78 degrees F. I am very satisfied with the flowering results. After this harvest I will try using just a 300 watt LED UFO and compare the results using the same nutrient formulas. I have read that with LEDs the flowereing can take place at 10 and 14 day/light raTHER THAN 12/12. Lets stay in contact and share experimental results.
Answer: I have read the test in High Times, it is an advertorial from a Ledpanel company; I do not trust it at all. Please let me know your results with the UFO, did you read the revieuw I wrote?

From: Drew Wallace (31-7-2009)
Subject: To equal 4000 watts of HPS , Would 2-700 Watt LEDs ?, or ?,,,
Question: I have 4-1000 watt HPS lights on a mover. Now If I change over to LEDs , Would I use 2 of your 700 watt units ?. Also What unit would I use for my 1000 watt MH in my mother/ veg. Room ?. Should the 700 watt LEDs be stationary?, or can they be put on light movers ?, or ?. Thanks Very Much !
Answer: DO NOT USE LED, STICK TO THE HPS. You need about 6.000 watt of very expensive Led to replace 4.000 watt of HPS

From: Kingster (29-7-2009)
Subject: royal blue
Question: High there, a few questions if you can spare a few answers: 1) Have you looked at royal blue in addition to blue LEDs. From my reading, the royal blue spectrum seems to be needed in some frequencies that blue doesn\'t cover. 2) I think you mentioned the rebel series being difficult to work with. Did you chose not to work with them and go with the K2\'s instead? 3) I read in a few places the importance of the orange spectrum (including the UFO specs), but also a NASA paper. Have you expeimented with orange? 4) There also sems to be variations on ratios. Have you come up with a final opinion on this? 5) Are you running your 3 panels with 3 independent current sources? All in all, you\'re doing some good research, and limiting your vsriable changes in a sond scientific method. Please keep us informed.
Answer: 1) I have looked at it, but I do not think it will make a great improvement. 2) No, I work with them now, they are on the panels for more than a year, K2 is out. 3) I have looked at it, but I do not think it will make a great improvement. This NASA issue is very funny; you can sell anything as long as you mention the magic "NASA" word. I do not recall them growing marijuana and reporting about it? 4) No, not really final, but I think I am close to the optimum for the Power Plants I am using. Although the results vary with different mixtures of light, I don't think Marijuana plants are very critical, however: it could be different for other strains!

From: Brian (22-7-2009)
Subject: thank you!
Question: I\'m not sure if you know man, but you\'ve inspired quite a few folks to emulate your very important work.I\'m currently using the new ufo\'s for my grows, and I\'m not at all displeased-still waiting for one of your creations to hit he market tho. Peace my friend, and thanks again for all the hard work and dedication
Answer: Well thank you Sir, I'm quite happy with your complements.

Question: I\'ve just seen ur project, and I\'ve got 2 say that im very impressed. I\'m also in a journey of my own with LED\'s, but im also switching from hydroponics to a type of aeroponics using an ultrasonic fogger to create a ultra-fine mist that will hopefully increase root development by increasing oxygen levels and overall plant growth and save money on nutrients,etc... Much continue success!!!
Answer: Thanks! :-) Please keep sending me suggestions and feedback, I'm very happy with it.

From: Jakob
Subject: Can I buy one?
Question: Dude would u make one 4 me and sell it to me privatly, even though u arent going official yet hehe, well anyways i would LOVE to purchase a kit right away to show it around here \"hps is illegal in my country\" well anyways thanks 4 the great job. I live in iceland, after the crisis the prices of weed has sky rocketet, price of one g is about 5000 iskrones "one dollar cost about 170isk". but home growers has sky rocketet to, so the police has begun to fly with heat seekersabove places like reykjavik to find grows, in the first 3 months of this year there was confiskated about 6000 plants in private homes more than there has been confiskated the past 3 years. plus like i said Hps is illegal so its very diffucuilt to get in the country considering its an island, so well like i said its hard these day to be a grower here, plus its vere expensive to get a hps into the country. so led light is a genius Alternative in my oppinion plus it could be way more cheap and safe to use,
Answer: No, I'm sorry, you wouldn't be very happy, experimental panels can not be transported and/or used by others, they are fragile and a bit complicated. Why don't you get a UFO?

From: Brian
Subject: orange leds
Question: whats your take on the current orange 615nm addition to commercial units?
Answer: I do not think it will make a big difference, people consult me with all kinds of "magic light recepies", but what we really need is more lumen per watt.

From: Igor
Subject: From Poland
Question: Hello, i write from poland becouse i have problem i my box, Problem is high temperature 30-35C, now have 70W hps, and i want to change it to led light but how much i must put there ?? My box is small 30x30 cm and 80cm high. I thinking about Philips Luxeon III red x10 (140lm) and blue x5 (25lm). In future i want to add more light to have 25 red, and 10 blue, It will be good ???, how much u have lm per meter ???? Please write back
Answer: Switching over to Leds will not solve your problem, it will create more problems including lower yields. Please add some simple (filtered for the smell) ventilation and everything will be fine.

From: Sunder
Subject: Led forum
Question: Hello! I am also enthusiast of led-growing. I have suggestion why not making forum on this site, so everyone could discuss some good ideas about LEDs. I see that a lot of people in feedback have a lot of very interesting ideas and improved their grow sets to higher level than yours and mine.
Answer: I would be more then willing to ad a forum, if enough people are interested, please let me know.

From: Kelly
Subject: UFO?
Question: Hans, you dumb shit, you were doing very good with the led and lenses...Why do you want to try ufo? They suck, very hot, poor heat distribution. You need to try either the golden dragon red or the Optek red which get 50 lumens per watt, and also please try the Cree XR-E warm whites in the Q bin, 80-90 lumens per watt @ 2600-3000k.
Answer: Thanks! :-) I want to try Ufo because they are very popular and cheap, on paper they look ok. Do not worry, I will take them apart and check out the performance before I spend a whole 3 month Set-up on them. It will be quite interesting for people who are considering buying them. Thanks for mentioning the Golden Dragon, if you study the datasheets carefully, you will see that they are not as good as the Rebel with 40 Lumens at 350 mA. The OVTL01LGAR from Optek claims indeed 53 lm/w but in the datasheet it turns out to be typical 45 lm/w, still an interesting option. I will ask for samples and try them. Please keep sending me suggestions and feedback, I'm very happy with it. Your Truly Dumb Shit .

From: Bernard M
Subject: I am growing with a 300w LED that I designed
Question: Bericht : My 300w LED grows using a total of 8 wavelengths that maximize Beta Carotine, Astaxanthin and Chlorophyl absorbtion w/in the PAR zone. Most panels use 1w LED\'s, I opted for smaller LED\'s to create a larger footprint and to affordably integrate 8 wavelengths instead of only 2 or 4. After a flower cycle & based on side by side comparisons with two UFO\'s I Don\'t think the additional bulbs matter but its footprint produced a much larger more uniform canopy when compared to the UFO\'s. My next 300w LED uses these new super LED\'s that I found (I\'m talking 120+ lumens per watt! Better than a 600/1000w HPS). The bulbs are pricey but going from 35-120 lumens per watt should justify the costs and finally deliver an LED that truly outperforms HID\'s. DO you have an email that accepts pictures? Its great to see another LED pioneer!
Answer: Interesting thoughts, thank you. The last Set-Up's use wide-angle reflectors instead of lenses, but I will consider it for the new Set-up.

From: C-lo
Subject: fatter plants
Question: Hey. I really love what you\'re doing with this site and the fact that you\'re giving us the honor of watching this revolutionary method of growing...BUT..I\'ve been studying and learning from yours and many other LED growers errors. The main problem is obviously the stretching and low volume of buds produced. The thing is that everybody is just blasting the tops of the plants with LEDs. The problem with that is that the LEDs can\'t penetrate all the foliage,therefore the lack of buds. I know that if you put lights on the sides or even hanging them down so that they can give a large amount of light to the body of the plant instead of just lighting the tops, you can give the plants bushierness, thicker stems, and greater buds. You can use CFLs or even white LEDs. Please please please use my advice at least for the flowering period and you will see the huge difference. The plants will look like they were grown with a high watt HPS. I wish the best of luck with the next crop. Peace
Answer: Thank you very much for your email, please send me pictures. Did you try the Ufo? What is your experience with it? These 120 lm/w leds, are those Golden Dragon leds? I wish you lots of succes and please stay in touch. Thanks, Hans

From: Wia
Subject: Clean scale, powermeter and panelupgrade
Question: Dear Hans : Please do me a favour and clean your scale. It is awkward. I am serious about this. Youre running a pretty scientific website. Please clean your scale or get a new one.
Moreover , PLEASE Would you be so nice and somehow count the energy used for each grow ? I mean this is your goal to get the best Yield/kWh ratio isnt it ? ... The problem only is that you measure "Yield" but you dont measure "kWh". Please go to your local do it yourself shop and buy yourself for 10 Euro a energy-cost-measurement device. Youre stating you have 2x30W panels .. i bet another 20-30W are dissipated in your power supply and in your resistors. Please Hans measure the complete ammount of energy it takes you to generate a specific yield. Afterwards you can calculate a precise figure .. 1g/kWh is usual for hps growing. Thats a scientifically correct figure. If you have such data you can REALLY compare your results.
Dear Hans .. in my oppinion this is too less light for so much plants. Also the light is heterogen. You need homogenic light. Im VERY VERY sorry that you are not able to talk about scietific things with me. I sent you several long emails and you did not respond. This is no basis for cooperation. Yes i am not happy about this. I want you to measure your kWh�s consumed (measured between outlet and your power supply). I also want you to clean your dirty scale. You have more than enoguh leds now. Build 2 new panels 50x50cm with 50W each. Take care for proper cooling of the panels. This is the biggest disadvantage on leds in my oppinion. Give your plants MORE JUICE ;-)
Answer: :-) Yes, the scale is a little dirty, uncleanble is the word, I will get a fresh one.
I'm keeping the panel power at a constant 60 watt for all the set-ups, this is good enough for now. Calculating grams/kwh will become interesting at a later stage, when the proper approach has been found and optimisation is the keyword. The 4 resistors only use 0,5 watt total.
Sorry that I did not respond earlier, I'm quite buzy.
Rebuilding the panels now, giving the plants more juice, would lead to totally uncomparable results. I want to stick with 60 watt total until there is no improvement anymore.
Thanks for all your ideas and input!

From: Richard
Subject: Stretching
Question: Ive been doing a little thinking about your stretching problem. Although I am running 3 red to 1 blue I have turned the current to the blues down 50% and still not having much stretching. I was looking at your pictures and I noticed that because you are using very tightly focused optics only parts of the plants are actually getting any blue. Sice you are keeping the lights close to the top of the plants it might help if you took the lenses off the blue which will give you an even mix of red and blue light. I am not using lenses at all and am not having any problems. You could also try some Royal Blue as I have read that a lack of those wavelengths can also cause stretching. Hope this helps, keep up the good work!
Answer: Interesting thoughts, thank you. The last Set-Up's use wide-angle reflectors instead of lenses, but I will consider it for the new Set-up.

From: HI R-EvolUtionary
Subject: Suggestions for more clones
Question: Have U considered it may be better to grow them all small straight to flower from rooted (properly) clones? When U don\'t have the high amount of lumens to penetrate deeply then just grow a LOT of small clones instead of vegged plants. Make a canopy of small only budding girls. The Widows should do well. U can also net them to control there ability to stretch and keep the light closer to all for uniform growth . Otherwise bend them often force more side shoots. PLEASE let me know what U think. I really enjoyed analyzing your experiment here. I am convinced the sea of green with leds will be a amazing combination. I haven\'t found anyone who has tried it yet! PLEASE TRY IT, I AM VERY SURE U WILL GET FANTASTIC RESULTS.
Answer: I like your idea, I will do the next setup with 24 clones, switching to flowering will be done after a few days

From: Peter
Subject: DiY questions
Question: Hi. Considering something similar to what you have built. Thanks for posting your stuff - looks very interesting. Have a hydro grow space of 36\" x 48\" [3-ft x 4-ft] and want to build/mimic what you have for your last grow. What ratio of LEDS did you end up with? Plus added 1 white - is that enough white? So, if I created a 2-ft x 3-ft panel what would you recommend for the # of LEDs to use, and separate by what distance? Is 20-watts really enough? Noticed that you aim your LED\'s on the plants ... are those for all the LED\'s or both the Red and Blues. And, you stated consider switch to off group of lights separately when not needed [red - blue - white]. Would you be interested in building 2-units for me and I could \"test\" here in US using my Hydroponics set-up? I have already started pricing components that you have listed so I understand cost. I could be one of your control studies abroad. Let me know. - Peter
Answer: For 2 x 3 feet I would use about 80 Watt of led. Flowering ratio Blue:Red 1:6 and 3 white led. For vegging and the first weeks of flowering ratio 1:2

From: Shane
Subject: Questions about Led panels
Question: Hey there, really interested about what your doing here. I was thinkin of purchasing a LED light system made for plants, im not sure if the power wattage would do the trick though? This will be my first time trying to grow anything from lights so im all new to this! I have the space, im not sure how to make it all look but i know it should be white. I\'m gettin a cutting of a plant to put in it and then i\'m being told the planning of it, (the time period). So basically im writing to ask for a few bits of advice and help ? :) Led Light : http://www.ledgrowlamps.co.uk/buy-led-grow-lights.php Would be forever greatful if you could reply.
Answer: Sorry, telling you all the ins and outs about growing is a bit out of range for this site. This site is just about growing with Leds, aiming mostly at people with HPS experience. Sorry, if you srf the web (youtube) you will find lots of information and examples.

From: John Fitz
Subject: UFO
Question: sorry to hear the bad news man. they were lookig really good. hope the next grow better for ya ps what do you think of the light Gen3 UFO LED Grow Light. would it be worth the buying. i dont think i could wire my own up. dont have the skills
Answer: I did not try the UFO yet, but I studied the ones with build in white leds, they look interesting and will probably do quite well. They are at least way better than 99,99% of the ledpanels you find on the web, which are total rip-offs.

From: shane west
Subject: Led purchase
Question: you know where i could purchase them leds you suggest to you in your diy let grow light? and how uch did it cost you to build this system? im intrested in a controlled study side by side rooms led vs hps 400 watts each and see what the end results for cost of equpiment, power, and totally yeild would be .
Answer: Just Google the partnumbers? It really does not matter, as long as you get the best leds you can find, from either Cree, Lumileds or Seoul. Your study sounds very interesting, please send me pictures and let me know the results. (My personal prediction: I think led will at best do marginally better at higher cost, in most cases HPS will be better)

From: 1ano2nym
Subject: Questions on large panels
Question: Hello, I�m from germany and i have questions about led grow. it woud be great if you replay to me. What do you think how many m� or how many plants could grow with 500W led panel? if you have 2 rooms, 1 for grow and 1 for flowering. how woud you share the 500W? 200 for grow 300 for flowering? what do you think is the best? do you know the new leds Luxeon rebel? one of the red have 85 Lm but tey�re very small and its diffucould to solder them. ist it much better when one led have 10Lm more? Please excuse my English, ist not so good:-) thanks in advance Yours sincerely
Answer: Thanks, I am using the Rebel led in the last setups, they are great; high efficiency at low cost. But very difficult to use without a pcb and a reflow oven. For your project I would use HPS, much better, leds are just not good enough yet. The manufacturors need a few more years to develop more efficient ones.

From: Brian
Subject: Seedling etc
Question: I love the grows. However I have a few questions. 1. How is the potency? I heard that since there is next to no UV rays it will throw off the potentcy of the THC because the Tri-com don\'t feel like they need to protect the bud as much... 2. Where did you get your LED supplies? Also what are you using to power them? 3. Have you thought about throwing maybe 2 CFLs in there to give the plants a little more of the rainbow? I mean the intense rays will still come from the LEDs but to provide some UV rays as well as other colors. 4. Have you tried any from seedlings? Or would it be best to grow the seeds until about an inch or two then throw them under the LEDs? 5. How high are you from the plants? I am planning a little grow room and I am trying to be as energy effecent as possible because the laws are ungodly strict where I live. Just trying to get it all sorted out before I start purchasing. Thanks for the info and a great site/read!! Brian
Answer: 1 The potency is great! Tons of BlaBla about "the missing UV" or "you need Farred" mostly come from people without any experience. 2 For the prototypes I got them from the web, several stores are selling them. I am using home build constant current supplies as well as special led supplies. 3 No, I want to do it with Leds, however adding white leds for a wider rainbow did solve the delayed flowering problem. 4 No, to much hassle with males etc, clones are easy to get if you live in Amsterdam :-) 5 about 10 to 15 cm.

From: B
Subject: Thanks
Question: Dude, what you are doing with the LED\'s is insane... i cant believe it really works... you are going to help revolutionize the grow-op in every farmers basement around the world... wow! DR.B ps. wow
Answer: Thanks!

From: Chris
Subject: More complements
Question: What your doing is fantastic! Your dedication is amazing! I think you should try removing all the blues during flowering... yet it may be to unnatural for the plant. Or simply try keeping the same light configuration as while in growth and just shorten light periods whilst flowering ! I don\'t quite know what will happen and forgive me if you\'ve already tried this... Keep on trying! I believe in you and your project! It will be succesfull (+ it\'s Green... if you see what I mean..?) Good luck
Answer: Thanks! I will try removing all blues and replace them by reds for the last 5 weeks of flowering in the next setup

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