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21 March 2011, It turns out to be 97 grams dry weight, 0,64 KWH per gram. And that is again much better than HPS would do, it is indeed pretty good, thank you.

15 March 2011, Took them out because they were ready, lots of big solid buds, very nice. Dry weight will be about the same as last time, (93 grams), in a couple of days I'll know for sure. Total power consumption is a very modest 62,4 KWH :-) This is much lower than last time because the vegetative period was only a few days.

12 March 2011, Looking great, 1 week to go, it looks like the result will be excellent, the smell is great :-).

5 March 2011, Looking great, 2 weeks to go and it looks like they're all bud.

25 February 2011, Looking great, they're all developing very nice candles, 3 weeks to go. Thank you for all the positive reactions on my Ledpanel circuitboards, I am developing them right now. In a couple of weeks I'll have the first prototype ready. Please come back for more.

10 February 2011, Flowers are developing rapidly, everything is looking great, almost 6 weeks to go. Although there is no sign of any mites, I sprayed with Vertimec and Egg-buster, just to be sure.You can see little brown spots on some of the leaves, it's where the plants touched the Led's a bit. It's no problem, but I've raised the panels a little.

29 January 2011, Flowers are starting to show, growth has almost stopped. The color scheme has been set to flowering, with lots of Red and less Blue.

22 January 2011, Changed the position of the sidepanels and corrected the reflectionfoil. They are flowering 12/24 for 9 days now, but the color scheme is still for vegging, with a lot of Blue. In a couple of days, when growth will have slowed down, I'll turn on the extra Red's and reduce the current in the Blue Leds. Next Set-up I'll go back to a single top-panel, no lenses, so I don't think there will be stretching problems.

22 January 2011, Looking absolutely great.

15 January 2011, They all started to grow rapidly and I've switched to flowering on January 13, they will be ready on March 17. Because the plants are so small the position of the side panels is not optimal, I'll change it.

8 January 2011, 24 fresh clones have just been put under the toppanel, I will switch to flowering in 3 days, hoping to get 24 candles of bud.

A better look at the toppanel, the blue stuff is thermal conductive glue. You can see the Far-Red and the White Leds as well.

And here is a view of one of the sidepanels.

Here is a detailed view of a XP-E Led on the specially designed circuit board, the Leds are mounted using a reflow oven, there is no other way to do the trick.

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