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9-7-2009, Dry weight is 52 grams, not bad at all. But I still need more to really beat HPS. I do not think further experimenting with colors (like adding orange or farred) will do the trick and provide huge differences, I just need more light. I have rebuild the main panel, and I am constructing the new side panels right now. This will increase the amount of lumen by 60% without increasing the total powerage, 60 watt. Sounds interesting? Pictures, theory and all details are coming up.

6-7-2009, Harvest day, the amount is nice, I will let you know the weight after drying in a couple of days. I got quite a lot of small buds, this is because of the 24 clones I started with, a lot of plants have been overgrown and stayed very small. Next time I will start with either 8 or 11 clones.
The thing I need most to keep improving things is more light. The coming days I will be rebuilding the panels, also adding side-panels to them. This will increase the amount of lumen with about 60% without increasing the total powerage, 60 watt. Please come back in about a week, I will show you how its done.

22-6-2009, I will have to keep them for a few more days, still getting bigger but not much brown hairs, they are late. I already really like the amount, remember this is from just 60 Watt, but next time I will use wire gauze to keep them upright. What shall I do with all this bud? :-) Please note: the emailform has been defective for the past week, I did not receive any mail, please repost.
Check out the UFO revieuw at the new Facts+Theory-page

14-6-2009, Still about a week to go, they are late, but still getting bigger. I took them out of the box for a better picture.

6-6-2009, Probably a week to go, they are looking ok, still getting bigger, the first brown/orange hairs are visible. Can't wait until I can start with the new Led-panels which I'm building right now; upto 60% more light to the plants and still only 60 watts :-) In the coming days I will make a special page with Facts and Theory about growing with Leds.

28-5-2009, Put in metal rods to support the plants. The flowers are getting bigger every day, nice buds are coming up. I guess they will need a few weeks extra to finish. For the next set-up I will test a readily available and very popular product: I ordered a 90 Watt UFO ledlight. But I do not know if I will actually use it, because a lot of people tell me it is not that great. A Special thanks to Kelly, C-lo and Bernard M., you guys gave me some great feedback and suggestions; at this moment I'm designing a new and much, much, better Led-panel, inspired by you guys. See Q& A for details.

21-5-2009, Just came back from a short holiday and found this nice surprise, it is going quite well! I took them out of the box to get a better picture. The flowers are just white, no little brown hairs yet; this means they probably won't be ready on the theoratical 3-6.

9-5-2009, Flowers are getting bigger, 3 weeks to go. If you have suggestions for the next set-up, please send them to me. If you already did; thank you! I will study them carefully

2-5-2009, Not really happy; they still are stretching a bit, which is not a big issue. Worse is the flowers are developing quite slowly, in a month (3 june) is the theoratical end of flowering, it looks like a lot a small buds is coming up. Maybe I will switch back to vegging and later again flowering to get a proper amount of flowers, I do not know yet.

24-04-2009, I took the plants out of the growing box for this nice top-vieuw. Still growing a bit in height, maybe next time I will wait a little longer before switching on the extra Red's, flowers are developing nicely.

16-04-2009, Flowers are starting to show, everything is fine. Today I loosely tied down the biggest plants to get them more even in height. Since growth almost stopped, I switched to 6 : 1 Red/Blue ratio for the last 7 weeks of flowering. The Blue's are now running at 25% current, about 180mA. the added Red's are at 75% current, ~520 mA. The other Red's are at the normal 700 mA. No sign of spider mites, but I will spray anyway.

08-04-2009, Growing rapidly, no stretching. There is no sign of flowers yet, .

01-04-2009, All clones kicked in nicely. Switched to flowering today, so the end of flowering will be 3-6, (9 weeks). All clones are so called Power Plants, I don't know much about this strain. Sprayed against spider mites for the first time. Thank you once more for all the support, with a special thanks to Wia.

26-3-2009, A new Set-up, for the vegging period I am using 9 Red led's and 6 Blue led's on each panel. So quite a strong amount of Blue, I hope to get less stretching this time. Both panels have a neutral White led to complete the spectrum and prevent delayed flowering. After 2-3 weeks of flowering, I will reduce the Blue's to just 25% and turn on 6 extra Red's. This way the total powerconsumption will stay at approx 60 Watt. The type of led's I am using are Lumiled Rebel led's, they are the best available and cheap. However: they are quite difficult to work with if you do not have a reflow-oven nor a pcb to put them on. DIY-builders better stick to Lumiled K2's.
This time I am using 24(!) clones, and will switch to flowering after only a few days of vegging. What I am hoping to get is a result like the Sea-Of-Green system; lots of evenly big buds.

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