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28-5, Note: Last arvest was just 24 gram dryweight, less than 50% of harvest 3.
20-5, Took them out, looks like it's a less than test no 3, after drying I will let you know the weight.

20-5, Quantity is disappointing, but at least the quality is good, lots of cristals. Come over and have a free Led-smoke if you're in Amsterdam

17-5, Nicely on time, finished flowering within 9 weeks, I'll keep them for a few more days. Normally some of the leaves will turn yellow, but these are still completely green. Still do not know what to change to get a better result next time. Maybe there is relatively too much blue in the white light, maybe I should double the amount of red Led's. What do you guys think?

12-5, 2 weeks to go. Not happy :-((. Growth has been little these past weeks, looks like a poor result is coming up. The plants are finishing flowering like they should. For once I do not know what went wrong or what to do. Suggestions are welcome.

4-5, 3 weeks to go

30-4, OK

25-4, OK

20-4, 5 weeks to go, life is fun.

16-4, Look at the flowers growing. Then compare it with the previous test and look at the picture of 3-1: Visit the third testresult With this third test, one of the problems was delayed flowering, as you can see the new plants are flowering much earlier.

13-4, Everything is fine, 6 weeks to go.

8-4, Flowers are developing rapidly, much faster than with the earlier Blue+Red Led system. My theory that the White Led's offer the complete spectrum needed by the plants to flower properly, (and just Blue+Red does not), seems to become confirmed.

27-3, Average height is now 40 cm, 10 cm growth in a week!

25-3, With the Red's added, growth is massive. Next time I will switch ON the Red's after 10 days of vegging under White.

21-3, Red Led's were added, total powerconsumption is now 62 Watts, average plantheight is 30 cm. As you can see, there has been some stretching; next time I will turn the Red's ON earlier. Switched to flowering, 12 hours.

16-3, Still growing nicely with just 24 watt totally. Switching to flowering will be done on 20-3

9-3, Next week the red led's will be added and I will switch to flowring

6-3, Nice growth, this Led-project is so much fun :-)

2-3, Everything is ok

29-2, The extra Led's do the trick, growth is fine. When flowering comes red Led's will be added

26-2, Added 4 more white Led's to speed up the growth, now 12 * 2 Watt = 24 Watt

23-2, New setup started today, from the last setup (rather succesfull with 53 grams dryweight at 60 Watt, same as 60 Watt HPS would do) several items are on my wishlist:
  • Bigger Buds, higher yield
  • No delayed flowering, just the normal 9 weeks
  • Better rootdevelopment
  • Less stretching
With this 4th setup I am testing new idea's to make my wishlist come true. At 22-2 vegging started with just 8 * 2 Watt, 16 watt totally, White Led's!! Try to figure out for yourself why I have chosen White Led's...:-) Please do not bother me anymore by telling me to put the Led's 5 cm from the plants; every Led has a special lens-system to get the light exactly where I want it, lightlosses are at a minimum.

Visit the third testresult

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