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July 25, dry weight is 77 gram, I expected a bit more when I started the Set-Up, but since it was produced with only 1 56 Watt panel, with a 8 week flowering period it is ok. Total powerconsumption has been 55 KWH, it took 0.71 KWH to produce 1 gram, 1.4 Gram for each KWH.

July 19, harvested the plants, they were a week early. Maybe it was caused by a powerfailure a week ago, which let to a very long dark period, therefore stressing the plants. The quality is fine and the amount looks pretty good, in a couple of days I'll let you know the dry weight. I'll use less plants in the future; because the plants have overgrown each other quite a bit, I got a lot of small buds. Next Set-up will start late september.

July 10, 3 weeks to go, looking great, the Bubblegum buds are loaded with chrystals.

July 2, The buds are getting bigger and bigger, every bit of Led light is being absorbed by the plants. With about 4 weeks to go the result will be fine, I expect a high ratio of gram per watt. No sign of spider mites yet.

June 16, everything is fine, it's a real sea of green :-) If you are new to working with soil; please make sure you keep an eye on the wetness, the soil needs to become pretty dry between the watering jobs. For about 12 Euro you can buy a simple but very effective meter. There are 6 weeks to go.

June 9, The smell of Bubblegum is already there, the plants look great, as you can see flowers are beginning to show. The height of the plants is about 40 cm, I've started giving them Bio-Bloom, dosage is again double the recommend amount on the bottle. Please note it doesn't have to be Bio-Bloom, any good fertilizer will do the job for you. Also, I got quite a few questions about the temperature, please make sure your soil temperature is about 18-24 degrees Celsius. Cold roots will slow the plant down, hot roots won't work either. There are 7 weeks to go.

June 2, I'll tie down the larger plant a bit to equalize them, otherwise the difference will get bigger and bigger. Besides that they look fantastic, 8 weeks to go.

May 26, They look perfect, healthy and bushy. Switched to flowering 12/24 and changed the panel to full flowering phase, 56 watt, all Led's active.

You can see the reflective tent I made , this give 30% more light to the plants.

May 17, After a few days in Growth Phase, 28 watt. they are becoming nice and bushy, I changed to early flowering phase, 43 watt.

May 14-2012, A new Set-Up has been started, just 1 panel, 56 Watt max, over the same plant area; 40 cm * 60 cm, 16" * 24", I think the area is a bit oversized. The strain is now Bubblegum and the panel is 100% the same as the ones I am selling. There are still people who claim it is not possible to use 1 container with several plants, they believe seperate pots are the only way. I think seperate pots are more complex to water evenly and each plant will have less soil, = less buffer, to grow in.

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