LED Growshow

23-2, 53 grams of dryweight from just under 60 Watt! Whoopie!! Next time will be even better :-)

Note 13-9-2009: It was probably still a bit to wet, lets keep it at 40 grams dry weight.

19-2, Harvest day! The moment of truth, pictures speak for themself, please come back for more!

19-2, I'm a happy MotherFucker! This is what 60 watt of Led's can already do, next time will be even better :-)

17-2, Finishing flowering, the harvestreport in daylightcolors is coming up in a few days, please come back for more!

10-2, Still getting bigger every day, looking good. They are late though, I will give them 1 more week. The strain (Power Plants) should normally finish after 9 weeks flowering. For the next set-up, starting in 2 weeks, I will change the spectrum in order to fix the delayed flowering. the 12' movie is on YouTube

6-2, Still getting bigger every day, daylight pictures are coming up.

3-2, This was the last official week, the plants will get an extra week to finish flowering. I will definitely develop a product out of this, it will be on sale in may. Please fill in the form if you want to stay informed about it. the 11' movie is on YouTube

1-2, Possibly the best Led-result ever, next time will be even better :-).

30-1, All is very well. Because the buds are still growing steadily, the harvest will probably be a week later.

26-1, Theoretically, there is only 1 week to go. For all the people asking how to build the panels; I can not give all technical details, I hope you understand. the 10' movie is on YouTube

23-1, All is well.. :-)

20-1, Placed a carbonfilter against the smell. the 9' movie is on YouTube

16-1, the theoretical end of the bloom is 3-3, so there is 2,5 weeks to go

13-1, No comment :-) the 8' movie is on YouTube

8-1, 3 weeks to go, can't wait :-)

6-1, Everything is going perfect, the 7' movie is on YouTube

3-1, Don't you just love it? About 4 weeks to go, and Whoopy it is!

30-12, Fully flowering, about 4 weeks to go. Happy New Year! The six' movie is on YouTube

23-12, Close-up of the flowers developing rapidly. Merry Christmas! The fifth movie is on YouTube

16-12, Everything is going very well indeed. After I took this shot, I lowered the plants to get a better spread of light. Thank you for all the support

13-12, The first signs of flowers are visible

10-12, 1 weeek into flowering, raised the lights to get a better distribution. The third movie is on YouTube

6-12, Switched to flowering on sunday 2-12. The second movie is on YouTube

1-12, Almost ready to switch to flowering

29-11, Very Whoopie so far, no spidermites detected yet. The first movie is on YouTube

25-11, This is called rapid growing.

23-11, We had a few very cold days, the growth slowed down, now everything is fine again. Temperature is 22C and growth is back to normal.

17-11, All six kicked in very nicely, plenty growth

13-11, 6 Power Plants just went in, average height is 12 cm. Please come back for more......

13-11, the Led panels, each panel is 20 Watt, totally 60 Watt for the 2 by 3 feet system. Do not believe the stories about 1/10 of the HID power and no heat, with Led's you still need serious power.

13-11, 4000-5000 Lux at 2 feet distance from the Led's everywhere. Although the Lux-amount does not mean everything, (specially with these dedicated red and blue lights), it is a massive amount of light.

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